Call to Action

We need to stop the free-loading tactics of our legislators attacking the working class. According to this law, then it should only be fair that I ought to be able to live in my home and not get evicted when I opt out of paying for it.

I ought to be able to drive my car around and not get it repossessed when I opt out of paying for it. At the end of the day, this law is unethical at best and needs to be stopped. This is no way to run a State by ignoring the people who it impacts.

Stop the attack on working people. Call your representative, tell them to focus on helping Hoosier families and stop pushing Right-to-Work.

What is the Right-to-Work law, how will it impact me, and what can I do about it?

Right-to-Work is an unethical law that our Union leadership will do everything in our power to educate our members, our families, and the people of Indiana to get out and vote people out of office that don't have your best interests in mind.

Lawmaker, union react to Right to Work:

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'Right-to-work' means different things for Indiana:

Do everything in your power to spread this to all of your friends and family. This goes to show how scandalous he really is. We are going to be doing what we can to put together some sort of public service announcement and get it on television because this needs to be seen by the masses!

The time is now and we have to stand up for our rights because nobody else will as they are slowly taken away from us. Take a look and make an informed decision, rather than listen to brainwashing commercials from those with mega-bucks. We canít compete dollar for dollar with them, BUT WE CAN TELL THE TRUTH, and that is more powerful than money.