Committee Members

All those who request to fill spots are appointed by the President and are subject to the approval of the membership meeting in January 2015 and will serve through December 2017. Positions are voluntary, but are a necessity to keep our membership informed.

Charity Committee

Member of this committee must be willing and supportive people across all shifts that will volunteer some of their own time to take the lead when it comes to our membership experiencing serious health concerns. We will look into ways we can give back to our membership when they experience catastrophic health issues.

Members: Amanda Shaw, Becky Starkey, Bill Mays, Cathy Shirey, Jen Royer, Louie Aguirre, Staci Taritas

Co-Chairs: Bruce Williams, Richard Shaw

Constitutional Committee

Deals with making amendments to our IUE-CWA Constitution and makes recommendations on changes submitted by the membership body pertaining to our Local dealings.

Members: Chris Buell, George Boulahanis, Joe Reinhard, John Crothers, Zachary Slatton

Co-Chairs: Bradley Bender, Travis Maple

COPE/Organizational Committee

This Committee serves to vocalize issues when the Union backs certain political campaigns such as fighting Right-to-Work or also when there are attempts to unionize other organizations that may build up our membership numbers.

Members: Brittney Clark, Colby Standridge, Emily Van Camp

Co-Chairs: Gregory Stephens, Jonathon Flueckiger

Finance Committee

Checks over all bills paid and approves them each month prior to our Local submitting for membership approval. This group meets the Thursday before our membership meeting of every month at 3:15 PM.

Members: Bill Mays, Brad Bauman, Christy Hord, Marilyn Wagner

Co-Chairs: Jen Royer, Tim Schmidt

Social Action Committee

Primarily, this group deals with the selection of worthy applicants deserving of our annual college scholarships. They base their decisions on unbiased pre-established criteria.

Members: Richard Shaw, Becky Starkey, Numan Garcia

Co-Chairs: Gary McAuley, Bill Mays

Entertainment Committee

These members help out with the Local 901 Union Picnic and/or Christmas party that is held annually. With the growing membership, we will need more assistance in this arena.

Members: Adam Rabideau, Amanda Shaw, Anthony Green, Chastity McGillivray, Heidi Rabideau, Richard Shaw

Co-Chairs: Cathy Shirey, Gayle Sherman, Misty Wilkinson

Northeast Indiana Central Labor Council
*Meets 4th Monday of every month @ 7 PM, will rotate with each delegate*

Members: Alyssa Lewandowski

Members on this council will attend meetings learning what is going on around our community, state, and national affairs that pertain to Union involvement.